Short Bio

Zhihan is a PHD student of Computer Science Department at Rutgers UniversityThe State University of New Jersey since 2015 and supervised by  Prof. Desheng Zhang.  Zhihan's research interests are Cyber Physical Systems(CPS), especially Urban Computing or Smart City.

Before joining Rutgers, Zhihan worked as an intern at Oracle R&D Center, Shanghai in 2014 and 2015. In 2014, Zhihan was invited by SeaLab, University of Mannitoba, Canada as a research intern, with the scholarship from China Scholarship Council(CSC) and Mitacs.

Zhihan received a BE degree in School of Software Engineering of Tongji University, China in 2015.

Teaching Experience(TA)

  • Summer 2017  -  198:336 Principle of Database and Information Management
  • Spring  2017  -   Smart City Seminar
  • Spring  2017  -  198:416 Operating System Design
  • Fall 2016  -  198:336 Principle of Database and Information Management
  • Summer 2016  -  198:170 Computer Application for Business
  • Spring 2016  -  198:142 Data Literacy
  • Fall 2015  -  198:336 Principle of Database and Information Management


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  • Zhihan Fang, Boyang Fu, Zhou Qin, Fan Zhang, and Desheng Zhang. "PrivateBus: Privacy Identification and Protection in Large-Scale Bus WiFi Systems"   In ACM Ubicomp 2020
  • Zhihan Fang, Y. Yang, S. Wang, B. Fu, Z. Song, F. Zhang, and Desheng Zhang. "MAC: Measuring the Impacts of Anomalies on Travel Time of Multiple Transportation Systems"   In ACM Ubicomp 2019
  • Zhihan Fang, Fan Zhang, Lin Ying, and Desheng Zhang. "MutliCell: Urban Population Modeling based on
    Multiple Cellphone Networks." 
    In ACM Ubicomp 2018
  • Zhihan Fang, Guang Wang, and Desheng Zhang. "Modeling Fine-Grained Human Mobility on Cellular Networks"   In The Web Conference 2020 (Poster)
  • Zhihan Fang, Fan Zhang, and Desheng Zhang. "Fine-Grained Travel Time Sensing in Heterogeneous Mobile Networks"   In ACM Sensys 2019 (Poster)
  • Zhihan Fang, and Desheng Zhang. "Human Mobility Modeling on Metropolitan Scale Based on Multiple Cellphone Networks."   In IEEE/ACM IoTDI 2017 (Poster)
  • Xiaoyang Xie, Zhihan Fang, Yang Wang, Fan Zhang, and Desheng Zhang. "RISC: Resource-Constrained Urban Sensing Task Scheduling based on Commercial Fleets"   In ACM Ubicomp 2020
  • Guang Wang, Yongfeng Zhang, Zhihan Fang, Fan Zhang, and Desheng Zhang. "FairCharge: Data-Driven Fairness-Aware Charging Recommendation for Large-Scale Electric Taxi Fleets"   In ACM Ubicomp 2020
  • Yu Yang, Xiaoyang Xie, Zhihan Fang , Fan Zhang, Yang Wang, and Desheng Zhang. "VeMo: Enabling Vehicular Mobility Modeling at Individual Levels with Full Penetration"   In ACM Mobicom 2019
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  • Hemmati, Hadi, Zhihan Fang, and Mika V. Mantyla. "Prioritizing manual test cases in traditional and rapid release environments."   In IEEE ICST 2015

Master Students (mentored)

  • Dipayan Dutta - Rutgers University, 2018 Fall

Undegrads (mentored)

  • Xingcheng Rong - Rutgers University, 2018 Fall
  • Boyang Fu - Rutgers University, 2018 Fall
  • Huaheng Yu - Rutgers University, 2018 Spring, Summer, Fall
  • Ishan Patel  - Rutgers University, 2017 Spring
  • Olaolu Emmanuel - Rutgers University, 2017  Spring, 2017 Fall
  • Xiaofa Lin - Rutgers University, 2017 Fall
  • Jiaxu Su - Rutgers University, 2017 Fall
  • Jiwei Chen - Rutgers University, 2017 Fall
  • Aaron  Zhang - Brown Universtiy, 2017 Summer